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The skyline of Boston in Massachusetts,

Ergo Health

Based in Boston, Ergo Health is part of the world's leading biotechnology hub. Ergo Health leverages the diverse expertise of the rich academic and industrial environment of the greater Boston area to bring together a team that is ready to satisfy your company's needs. 

Providing you with top researchers and staff

for the best results possible

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Aaron Colby, Ph.D.


Dr. Aaron Colby is a serial biotechnology entrepreneur. With a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, he has successfully raised over $1M in funding for early-stage pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Mark Grinstaff.jpg

Mark Grinstaff, Ph.D. 

Chairman & Co-Founder

Dr. Mark Grinstaff is a inventor, innovator and entrepreneur. His successful technologies include two FDA-approved products that have netted nearly $250M via acquisitions.

Pinghua Liu.jpg

Pinghua Liu, Ph.D.

President & Co-Founder

Dr. Pinghua Liu is an expert in bioorganic chemistry. His team has developed biosynthetic methods to produce active nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients with high purity and low cost.