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Nature's Ingredient for Healthy Aging

Ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is essential to healthy living and aging. Ergothioneine protects against the damage caused by environmental stresses (e.g., UV-radiation, pollution)  encountered in day-to-day life thereby preventing disease. 


However, humans do not make ergothioneine and must obtain it through their diet. A cost-effective method for isolating or producing ergothioneine has not existed, until now. Ergo Health’s patented technology enables production and purification on an unprecedented scale allowing us to provide you with large quantities of high quality material.


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How Does Ergothioneine Work?



Ergothioneine is a powerful anti-oxidant. By scavenging reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, ergothioneine prevents these harmful molecules from damaging healthy tissues, especially in: red blood cells, bone marrow, the liver, kidneys, the eye and seminal fluid. 


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Ergothioneine Prevents Damage from

Environmental Stress

In short, because environmental stresses such as UV-radiation (from sunlight) and pollution (from cars) are an unavoidable part of every-day life. Furthermore, endogenous factors (e.g., the normal human physiological responses to stress—and who isn’t stressed?) can also lead to damage in the same way as environmental stress. The resulting cellular damage can lead to accelerated aging, dementia, cardiovascular disease, male infertility and cancer, among other diseases. 

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